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Carolyn Kalil Inner Heroes

Virtual Coaching
1 Reviews

About Carolyn Kalil Inner Heroes

Carolyn Kalil, MA, GCDFI is the world famous author of “Follow Your Inner Heroes™ to the Work You Love,” an inspirational speaker, a counselor and a Lead Life Coach.

Carolyn developed a personality system that helps individuals through self-discovery and purpose. Her unique book is based on her own personal experiences and insights that are relatable and help transform personal lives. Finally, we have found an author who has taken the mystery out of personality science and transmutation.

The Inner Heroes™ personality system is based on four personality types that have distinct traits and values. It is the only personality system that is based on values, and it is precisely the emphasis on values that provides accurate support required for self-care management, decision-making, leadership, conflict-resolution, team-building, parenting, stress management, human diversity, and much more.

Inner Heroes™ is recognized by the National Employment Counseling Association (NECA) and is an empirically tested and evidence-based program. Case studies can be found in the Career Planning and Adult Development Journal, Volume 32. If this world gets on the same page and works within the same paradigm, wouldn’t life become easier for every person?!
It’s time to live life the Inner Heroes way!

When you hold this book in your hands, your brain will begin to shift into an adaptable mind-set and it will touch your heart like no other.
Make this your year

Reviews (1)

Selfcare as lifestyle design 03 rev03

11 months ago

I wasted many years of my life trying to fit it and sleepwalking. After I took Innerhero personality developed by Carolyn Kalil, a best-seller author, and a career coach pathways expert, I am now empowered and living my life with meaning and purpose. I am no longer walking around hiding my human natural weaknesses, for I am outsourcing them to others that are good in that area. I now focus my attention and intentions on where I thrive naturally.

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