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Shirley Herwig

Virtual Coaches
Shirley is a program manager who serves as a senior staff coordinator with Readiness Programs. Overseas and conducts prevention/communication events and training. She feels her Inner Heroes™ (IH) training, business and social science background, work experience and training all assist her in helping staff to create resilient teams that are better prepared for struggles. Shirley served over 20 years in the United States Army, as an Army Warrant Officer in the sectors of organizational leadership, strategic planning, mentorship, human resources, and IT. She traveled extensively and worked with diverse and dynamic groups of people as a facilitator and trainer. Fourteen years ago Shirley took the Inner Heroes™ personality assessment and discovered that she was a Helper/Thinker personality type. As a Helper, she learned that she was gifted with excellent people and communication skills. She received confirmation consistently for why people found her approachable and inspiring. Her passion to develop and empower people gives her great joy in the work she currently performs. Shirley believes that Inner Heroes™ Facilitation training sets one on a journey to self-discovery regarding natural strengths that a person can bring to the table, as well as challenges that one can improve on. Shirley has been engaging employees in her trainings for over 14 years, and her trainings have helped to bring change and understanding into relationships, better understanding for personal and work conflicts, teambuilding, leadership, career guidance, communication, and connection. Shirley is in demand in her corporation where leaders seek her out to facilitate Inner Heroes™ Personality System. Leaders have given her rave reviews on her trainings and have shared positive outcomes of the IH trainings that have resulted in better employee communication, formulation of healthy relationships, and stronger teams. She considers communication to be the key in resolving conflicts. Whether they are top management, supervisor, employee, family member, or student, Shirley believes that the Inner Heroes™ Personality System can help individuals transform their way of thinking, helping people to recognize them for who they are, and learn to value the differences in others.

Cassandra Curbello

Virtual Coaches
I first encountered the work of Carolyn Kalil in 2002. I was a student taking the first steps of my career in the early days of a post-9/11 world. Through the diligent work of a brilliant IH facilitator and career advisor, I learned that my Inner Hero is a Doer-Helper. That revelation had a profound effect on me. The effect was so profound that I chose to incorporate the Inner Heroes system into all of my work and to remain under the professional tutelage of my initial Inner Heroes instructor. Her expert counsel, combined with Carolyn Kalil’s powerful body of work, continues to inform my path to this day. Learning about my Inner Heroes taught me concomitantly to see the Inner Heroes in others, and by extension, it has made me a highly effective communicator and educator. It has empowered me to thrive and excel as a technical specialist, analyst, engineer, and trainer at corporations including Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), Cushman and Wakefield, Prudential Financial Inc., Con Edison, Polo Ralph Lauren, and The Rockefeller Group, as well as at institutions of higher learning like Fordham University and in my current capacity at Columbia University.

Carolyn Kalil Inner Heroes

Virtual Coaches
Carolyn Kalil, MA, GCDFI is the world famous author of “Follow Your Inner Heroes™ to the Work You Love,” an inspirational speaker, a counselor and a Lead Life Coach. Carolyn developed a personality system that helps individuals through self-discovery and purpose. Her unique book is based on her own personal experiences and insights that are relatable and help transform personal lives. Finally, we have found an author who has taken the mystery out of personality science and transmutation. The Inner Heroes™ personality system is based on four personality types that have distinct traits and values. It is the only personality system that is based on values, and it is precisely the emphasis on values that provides accurate support required for self-care management, decision-making, leadership, conflict-resolution, team-building, parenting, stress management, human diversity, and much more. Inner Heroes™ is recognized by the National Employment Counseling Association (NECA) and is an empirically tested and evidence-based program. Case studies can be found in the Career Planning and Adult Development Journal, Volume 32. If this world gets on the same page and works within the same paradigm, wouldn’t life become easier for every person?! It’s time to live life the Inner Heroes way! When you hold this book in your hands, your brain will begin to shift into an adaptable mind-set and it will touch your heart like no other. Make this your year

Inner Heroes Career Coach

Starting at $0
Lisa Harper currently serves as a CalWORKs/Workforce Preparation Counselor and Educator at Moreno Valley College. She holds a Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) from Loma Linda University, & a Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.) from La Sierra University. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Leadership with a specialization in Educational Administration at La Sierra University. Lisa has worked with students from various academic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds for over 8 years, as an Advocate, Counselor, and Professor. She is passionate about empowering & guiding individuals on their journey to personal, educational & professional growth & success.

Fabiola Beck

Starting at $0
I am well versed in many areas. Presently, I am a counselor in higher education. My prior experience involves many years in Human Resources and Accounting in non-profit organizations, as well as, an entrepreneur. Helping students choose a major and envision their future career is one of my passions, therefore, I love coaching them in the decision making process. We live in a country that values education. As an immigrant, I feel blessed for the education that I received and the success I have acquired. My journey started in the community college system, where I pursued a major in social work. Then, I transferred to a four year university receiving a bachelor’s degree in Human Services. After many years, I returned to school and enrolled in a master’s program in College Counseling and Guidance at Point Loma Nazarene University. I enhanced my credentials with a Certification from Inner Heroes to coach individuals on finding their passion and to accomplish their dreams. I believe that every person is born with a purpose, and Inner Heroes beautifully unveils people’s hidden talents. I am fluent in Spanish and reside in San Diego, California with my lovely family. I look forward to the opportunity to meet and help you reach your potential, embark on a journey of self-discovery and be your best self.

Irina Koundelova IH Career Coach

Virtual Coaches
Koundelova speaks four languages and is passionate in helping others

Victoria Pamias IH Career Coach

Virtual Coaches
Palamara is a Director of Catholic Charities and a coach in her free time as IH Career Coach

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We know the tough questions that come up during the college prep process:

  1. When should we start the college application journey?
  2. What should my student know for the interview process?
  3. How should they organize college applications and essays to highlight their strengths?
  4. How can they stand out to the top universities?
  5. Most importantly, what is the best way to start this journey and where do we even begin?

How much will it cost?

We have flexible options for every parent and our prices are the least expensive on the market and offer payment arrangements. All of our coachings will be virtual through our platform that has integrated video conferencing, audio, and messaging tools.

This means: It is flexible and easily accessible No transportation time or costs No need to take time off of work or school On-demand access to specialists to suit your student’s specific interests, goals, challenges, and strengths • No time spent waiting around No contact with others


Unfortunately, many high school counselors are overworked and struggle to stay in tune with the latest trends and programs available. Counselors from across the country are battling Zoom fatigue and working long days to support students in different ways.

According to recent research by The Troubling, student-to-counselor ratio doesn’t add up. Let us help you.


Career Pointer is an efficient career decision-making program that makes time spent between counselors, coaches, and educators with student more productive.

Are you interested in a tool that makes your job easier in helping students make areas of study and career decisions? The student does the work through a guided process that generates a summarized printed page to bring to an appointment to discuss with you. The student/client downloaded summary page provides an Inner

Heroes profile that includes:

.List Personality traits .List Core values Skills/talents Majors Selected career options that fit Learning styles bonus included This comprehensive report has the information you need to guide students and clients in making informed career decisions.