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Cassandra Curbello

Virtual Coaching

About Cassandra Curbello

I first encountered the work of Carolyn Kalil in 2002. I was a student taking the first steps of my career in the early days of a post-9/11 world. Through the diligent work of a brilliant IH facilitator and career advisor, I learned that my Inner Hero is a Doer-Helper. That revelation had a profound effect on me. The effect was so profound that I chose to incorporate the Inner Heroes system into all of my work and to remain under the professional tutelage of my initial Inner Heroes instructor. Her expert counsel, combined with Carolyn Kalil’s powerful body of work, continues to inform my path to this day.

Learning about my Inner Heroes taught me concomitantly to see the Inner Heroes in others, and by extension, it has made me a highly effective communicator and educator. It has empowered me to thrive and excel as a technical specialist, analyst, engineer, and trainer at corporations including Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), Cushman and Wakefield, Prudential Financial Inc., Con Edison, Polo Ralph Lauren, and The Rockefeller Group, as well as at institutions of higher learning like Fordham University and in my current capacity at Columbia University.

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