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Fiona Dowling

Virtual Coaching
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About Fiona Dowling

Fiona is the founder of ClearThoughts a coaching and consulting practice in Ireland. As an executive coach, career strategist, and leadership facilitator with extensive business and finance experience, both nationally and internationally, Fiona specialises in helping clients to navigate the world of work by optimising their strengths to become an authentic leader with an ability to create a shared vision, be strategic and achieve business goals. She does this by delivering a personalised service that is empathetic, stakeholder centred, and outcome focused resulting in them creating a workplace culture that promotes collaboration, trust and empowerment.

Her unique energy and positivity are engaging and invigorating. She sees the potential in her clients and enables them to be the best version of themselves by helping them to recognise their value proposition, believe in themselves and create a strong professional brand that is memorable and sustainable. She is committed to her clients achieving the results they desire and leverages her extensive experience to help her clients develop a strategic road map to get them to where they want to go. As a performer she uses her stage experience to help her clients to read the audience and to communicate with charisma and conviction.

An EMCC accredited Senior Coaching and Mentoring Practitioner, NLP Coaching Practitioner, Coach Master Toolkit Certified, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Inner Hero Facilitator, Qualified Financial Advisor and winner of an Asset Based Finance Association Leadership award, Fiona believes in your innate ability to achieve your goals if you have clarity of thought, vision and self-belief.

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